Figural Flower Frogs, Part I

By Shelley Cole
Issue #367 - November 2003

In February of 2003, Barbara Burke, Bob Robinson, Alex Citron and I presented a program on Cambridge Flower Frogs for the Cambridge Triangles Study Group. The Crystal Ball has already printed Bob Robinson's article on Flower Blocks so I have been enlisted to present an article on the Figural Flower Frogs. In preparing for this presentation I referred to back issues of the Crystal Ball as well as using other resources on the internet and speaking with people who have been collecting for years. Much has been written about flower frogs over the years. I basically culled that information and brought it into one place. My thanks to Bill Smith, Mark Nye, Georgia Otten and Sue and David Rankin for their research and contributions to the Crystal Ball over the years. The one area where much new information is available is in the area of reproductions.

First, let's look at the human figurals. Listed below are the various frogs along with the base type and item number when known. There are three types of bases that fairly well represent the evolution of the different shapes used over the years. The Type 1, or fancy scalloped base being the oldest used on some of the Rose Ladies and 13" Draped Ladies; the Type 2, or plain round base being used most extensively and the Type 3, or ribbed base being used only at the end of production. In the early years, Draped Ladies and Two Kids were also available with an oval base. The Geisha Flower Frogs had a two-part base which will be discussed in more detail later. I've also indicated when each flower frog appears in various catalogues. This should give a good indication of production dates for the various styles.

Types of Human Figural Flower Frogs

Shelley has created an updated chart showing the colors and treatments for the figural flower frogs by Cambridge.
Next month ... Part II, The Patents & Designs