Cambridge Flower Blocks

By Robert Robinson
July 2003 - Issue #363

Over the years, I have derived much pleasure from collecting Cambridge Flower Blocks (or holders). It began because they were relatively inexpensive, available, small, easily packed and transported and very pretty.

My collection consists (so far) of 36 Cambridge flower blocks in assorted sizes and colors, plus about ten duplicates. I also have about a dozen non-Cambridge flower holders.

Six of my non-Cambridge flower holders are of interest because I thought they were by Cambridge at first. These blocks are about 4.5" in diameter, relatively flat on top, have a lip around the edge and bear three more-or-less triangular feet. The identifying distinction I soon discovered was that the Cambridge feet are pyramid-shaped, with a pointed tip, whereas the non-Cambridge blocks have feet that are somewhat flattened at the tip. These six blocks are crystal and light green (a color very much like Cambridge's Light Emerald). I don't know who may have made them, but my research and observations have convinced me they are not by Cambridge.

The general characteristics I have observed in Cambridge Flower Blocks are as follows:

I have discovered Cambridge flower blocks everywhere and anywhere. Often, they lurk in dark, dingy corners. Sometimes they wait in buckets or boxes full of miscellaneous "junk". I think one of the highlights of my collection is the 6" crystal block I found in a Howard Street Shop (Baltimore). I may soon have a marriage of 4" blocks, since I've heard this block in moonlight blue is in Adamstown, PA. I wonder...

I hope this has been of some interest and assistance to those of you who are, or may become interested in, Cambridge Flower Blocks.