The Grand Opening of the National Museum of Cambridge Glass

June 27th 2002
Issue No. 352 - August 2002

Nearly 300 people from all over the United Slates crowded in and around The National Museum of Cambridge Glass for the Grand Opening festivities on Thursday, June 27, 2002, in Cambridge Ohio.

National Cambridge Collectors, Inc. president Rick Jones opened the celebration with welcoming remarks to the gathering made up of local Museum Exterior community residents, NCC members, and interested visitors. Following Rick's remarks, Shelley Citron led everyone in the singing of the National Anthem.

Rick Jones then outlined the history of NCC and its first museum and led into the details of the birth of the new museum. He then introduced Cindy Arent, the Museum Committee Chair, who spoke about the building and support for this great new museum. Following Cindy, Lynn Welker was introduced and thanked those who worked on the previous museum. Willard Kolb was recognized and given lifetime membership. He offered some remarks about the previous museum as well as to the opening of our new Museum.

Al that point, Rick Jones gave special recognition and thanks to the treasurer/corresponding secretary, Charles Upton; the director of facilities, Carl Beynon; and the museum chair, Cindy Arent. He presented them all with a plaque which is to be hung in the Museum to honor all the tireless hours of work and dedication they have put into the completion of the Museum.

Carl Beynon and Cindy Arent had the honor of cutting the ribbon for the Grand Opening. It was apropos that the scissors used were two pair of original Cambridge Glass Company glass cutting shears which were used in cutting glass when it was gathered to fill the molds for each item of glass.

A wonderful assortment of refreshments was then served to those present.

The Grand Opening event was sponsored by the joint efforts of the NCC study groups spearheaded by Ken and Jane Filippini. Their hard work and efforts were a success! The Grand Opening will be remembered by all for years to come and is now a part of the history of our club's new Museum.

Thanks to all who have made this possible!

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