New for 1939

by Mark A. Nye
Issue No. 336 - April 2001

It appears the majority of communications known as Circular Letters used by the Cambridge Sales Department to communicate with its agents were lost either through normal business practices or at the time the company closed. We do have a number from the late 1930s as well as a few from the late 1920s and early 1930s. Circular Letters were used primarily to inform the agents of price changes specials, sales aids, and new items. Regretfully, many of those that do survive are missing the cover page as it was on this page reasons for the price change, a description of the revised item or other such information would have been provided. Fortunately for us today, some of the letters were just one page in length and thus we have all the information.

One such letter was originally distributed on March 2, 1939:

To All Agents

Sample is being sent you of the new #3600 - 2 piece Cocktail Icer.

This is the same shape as the Pristine #18 with the exception that it is made with the regular cast foot that is used on all lines of Stemware. By making it with this foot instead of the heavy patented foot that is on the #18 you can now use it with any line of Stemware. There has been more or less objection to the heavy foot -- the claim being that it does not match up correctly in other lines of stemware.

Add to 3600 and 3625 Stemware price list pages:

Item Description Plain E/Chantilly
3600 2 pc Cocktail icer 15.00 per doz. 22.50 per doz.

Add to 3675 Stemware price list page:

Item Description Plain E/Blossom Time
3600 2 pc Cocktail icer 15.00 per doz. 22.50 per doz.

Cancel from those three pages:

  • 18 - 2 pc Cocktail Icer, plain and etched as it will not be furnished in Chantilly and Blossom Time.

Add to Unusual Service Accessories price list:

  • 3600 2 Pc Cocktail Icer - $15.00 doz.

Another 1939 letter, this one dated September 15, announced a new Brandy inhaler.

To All Agents:

We have produced a new Brandy Inhaler larger than the one we made in the past. This will be known as the #7801 64 oz. The list price is $26.25 per dozen. Add this to 7801 Stemware price list along with the two other Brandy Inhalers.

This will also be made into a Martini Cocktail Shaker #1661 in the same manner as the #1660 as per C/L #176, 1939. The list price will be $26.25 per dozen as shown on the Cocktail Mixer and Shakers price list C/L #176.

Samples of each are being sent to you.

The large Brandy Inhaler #7801 - 64 oz. is correct to use as a flower vase. If you will present it in this way to the stores, we think you will be able to sell considerable of them.

Making the brandy inhaler into the Martini cocktail shaker was simply a matter of hand forming a spout on one side while the glass was still hot and soft. The older inhalers with capacities of 23 and 6 ounces are simply smaller versions of the new ones as was the 1660 cocktail shaker at 23 ounces.

Also from 1939 comes this announcement issued on August 29:

To All Agents:

We have had a great many calls for Mustard and Marmalade Spoons. Therefore, we have decided to add one of each to the line. Crystal only.

Samples are being sent you and prices will be as follows:

  • Mustard Spoon - $1.00 Dozen List
  • Marmalade Spoon - $1.50 Dozen list

We believe these Spoons will greatly help the sale of the Marmalades and Mustards.

It is doubtful that Cambridge made these spoons; however, their source is not known. Due to the date, its unlikely they were coming from Europe. Also not determined is how long these spoons remained available from Cambridge.