Hurricane Lamps in the Circular Letters

by Mark A. Nye
Issue No. 335 - March 2001

Reprinted in this issue are two circular letters sent in the late 1930s by W.C. McCartney, Cambridge Sales Manager, to all the Cambridge sales agents. They both deal with hurricane lamps. The catalog page illustrating the specific items is from the 1940 Catalog. The Letters provide insight into the ways Cambridge promoted the sale of these items.

When reading these letters, keep in mind list price is per dozen retail. The basic wholesale discount was 50% and the best customers received additional discounts on top of this.

January 23, 1939

There is more or less of a demand for Hurricane Lamps today in some parts of the country.

We have worked up a double Hurricane Lamp, which will be known as #1590. This consists of the double holder with two bobeches and two of the glass shades. This should be a very good one, as the Hurricane Lamp is an antique proposition and this outfit is quite antique.

We worked this up during the early part of January, when we had a great many buyers here from New York and other points and all of then liked this very much and purchased it.

The price is right on it as it lists at $75.0O. Where the extreme discount is used, we would like at least for an order to be placed for a dozen.

It will he necessary for you to get some short candles to be used in this.

We hope we will see some nice orders from you on this item.

Yours truly,
W.C. McCartney

February 25, 1939

We are sending you sample of a new small Hurricane Lamp, which will be known as #1601, the price of which will be $30.00 a dozen list, netting $12.00.

This is made up in combination with the #506 3 in. Pristine Candelabra, using our regular Hurricane Lamp Shade.

This makes one of the most attractive little Hurricane Lamps that we have seen on the market and already we have sold several dozen of these to customers who have visited the Factory, and the representative who originated the iâsa (we are glad to say) has sent us orders for quite a few of them. We trust we will see some nice business from you on these.

The price of this Hurricane Lamp is one that will allow it to retail at a popular price and after all that's what the trade are looking for today.

In closing, we will say that some of our representatives are not selling the amount of the #506 Candelabra that they should. Have you overlooked this? Are you carrying a sample of it? If not, you better get samples and concentrate a little more on this item, for it is a Candelabra that is very easy to sell.

Yours truly,
W.C. McCartney

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